Cerealsly Milky Microcremery

Here at Cerealsly Milky, we're all about bringing you the freshest, most delicious ice cream around. but we dont just scoop out of a tub -we make it right before your eyes using LIQUID NITROGEN! Thats right we make our homemade ice cream mixes to order, freezing them on the spot for the ultimate creamy texture and unbeatable flavor!

Thats not all - we're also all about nostalgia. We know that ice cream is more then just a treat- its a taste of childhood, a memory of carefree days spent with friends and family. Thats why we've created combonations of flavors that's as warm , welcoming and familiar as our ice cream is cold, delicious and new!

So come on down to our shop in Juneau , Alaska and taste the difference for yourself. We promise you won't be disappointed!

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with KitKats

Soft Serve $3.50

We have homemade soft serve! Vanilla , Chocolate or Swirl of both! Our Soft serve is our own secret recipe making it just right! we also can do half orders starting at $1.50 for little appetites!

How We Make Our Ice Cream

Cerealsly milky is a micro creamery. What does that mean? That means we’re a custom order ice cream shop! We make your ice cream right in front of your own eyes. By using liquid nitrogen that freezes our homemade ice cream mixes. Making it CEREALSLY milky, creamy and smooth

Bubble waffle with candy banana ice cream!

Our homemade Bubble Waffles can be used as cone or bowl with your choice of ice cream and any toppings your heart desire!

Bubble waffle with Dairy Free Thai Tea ice cream

We have multiple options that are dairy free, gluten free and vegan friendly!

Waffle Cones

All of our waffle cones are made fresh in the morning by our talented staff!


Even though we are ice cream addicts we also love a good milkshake any day of the week

Trix milkshake

Waffles on a Stick

our freshly made to order waffle stick are sure to have your mouth watering before they are even ready ! 3 waffles topped with our homemade pink whip cream, some maple syrup and toppings of your choice! starting at $7.00

Waffles on stick

Paired with fresh strawberry’s, strawberry syrup, whip cream, and sprinkles

More Waffles on a stick

Paired with Cinnoman Toast Crunch and Nutella Drizzle ! YUM!

Cotton Candy $4.00

We have a varity of cotton candy flavors from Green Apple to Strawberry Pina Colada and Grape Bubble gum. Mix match flavors in a bag to go or on a Stick carnival style !

Bowl of cereal

Want just a bowl of cereal we got you!

Chocolate marshmallow cereal